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Another Take on the Myst Movie's Silence

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NOTE: As this time, the link to Adrian's post, as well as the Myst movie site itself, seem to be down.  We will keep the link intact in case it comes back.

NOTE 2: Cyan has also cleared the MOUL forum thread where discussion was taking place about all this.

The Guild of Messengers recently published an article here with some news coming from Isaac Testerman about the future of the long-awaited Myst movie.  Soon after, Adrian Vanderbosch (one of the former producers of the film) published a detailed post with his version of the story of what happened during this long silence, describing (amongst other things) how he was forcibly pushed out of the project.

Adrian, just like Patrick McIntire (another former producer of the movie), put a lot of personal effort into making the movie, so the tone of his post is personal, blunt and to the point, understandably.

The story we are being told is basically what a lot of people keeping a close eye on the project have already read between the lines from Isaac's older posts; a story that some explorers already expected from the Hollywood environment, where the integrity of nearly any established fictional lore and story quality are sacrificed in the name of business and money ("reaching a wider audience", as they tend to put it). None of this was completely unexpected, but the most shocking aspect has been the complicated dynamics of this story and how it offers an insider's view into just how cutthroat the movie business can be.

Adrian's post starts with detailing how Isaac started to work with Mysteria Film Group (MFG) and how he gained a leadership position with MFG's partners (Hunt Lowry and Mark Johnson) and co-workers. Adrian writes that Isaac had been making independant decisions and discussions with the partners and Cyan since the beginning, essentially keeping his co-presidents in the dark.
Over the years, MFG started to follow along more with Isaac then with Adrian, and that is where the issues began. In order to make the story more appealing to the studios, they started to propose elements that severely broke the long-established Myst canon, proposing alternate stories that did not really tell the story of the "Book of Ti'ana" and completely ignored the creative work that Adrian and Patrick already did with their scripts.

When talk began of Myst becoming a film franchise, they reworked and watered-down their BoT story for all the big studios.  The reaction was seemingly unanimous: “Love the franchise. Hate the story!”

At that point, Adrian tried to make the others accept his original script that kept Myst's canonical integrity intact, but after a fateful conference call, they started to plot to put Isaac in charge of everything, convince Cyan to distrust Adrian, and acquire all the work done under Isaac's company name, Delve Films.

Apparently, they succeeded in this.  Adrian was left with nothing, not even a monetary compensation for the work done on the Myst movie or even an acknowledgement.

Of course, this is the story from Adrian's point of view, so some things may be exaggerated or completely untrue, but it is still an interesting read for those following the movie project.

We at the Guild of Messengers will watch this story intently as it develops and keep the community informed.

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